The Detachment of Champions - One Team, Fight On!

About Detachment 060



Detachment 060 has been in existence since 1947, and it has a rich tradition of excellence that has extended throughout its history. The detachment is a two-time “Right of Line” award winner, having been named the best detachment in the nation in 1986 and 1997. The detachment has seen enrollment fluctuate from a high of 238 cadets in 1976, to a low of 45 cadets in 1995. Through it all, the detachment’s reputation for excellence has persevered. Producing over 1,600 lieutenants for the USAF, many Det 060 alumni have achieved remarkable success in their careers. Five Det 060 alumni have attained the rank of Brigadier General or higher, including retired Lt Gen Stewart Cranston (1966), former Vice Commander of Air Force Materiel Command, and Maj Gen Stacye Harris (1981), the Air Force's first African-American female to command an active flying squadron. While the detachment is incredibly proud of those who go on to serve the Air Force, we are equally as proud of those who pass through our doors to excel in civilian life. Detachment 060 boasts NFL Hall of Famer and American sportscaster, Frank Gifford (1952); College Football Hall of Famer and former NFL great John Arnett (1952); two-time Olympic gold medalist, Parry O’Brien (1956), and Olympic Gold Medalist and American record holder, Max Truex (1960).


Detachment 060 is comprised of 67 students from 21 different institutions. Of the 67 cadets, 17 are female (25%). Scholarship entitlements are afforded to 23 of Det 060 students. Detachment 060 is a diverse cadet environment, with 55% of our cadets coming from minority ethnic classes.


The Detachment 060 cadet wing possesses an impressive 3.12 average grade point average, boasting scholars on the dean’s list at such prestigious institutions as the University of Southern California, Cal Poly Pomona, and Azusa Pacific University. In addition to individual excellence, Detachment 060 seeks opportunities to integrate with its sister-service ROTC detachments as well as local AFROTC detachments. All USC ROTC detachments participate in the “Trojan Games,” a joint athletic competition to build camaraderie and esprit de corps among all service detachments. Detachment 060 also participates in “Five-Det Field Day,” an AFROTC competitive athletic event that includes all AFROTC detachments from Southern California.

Signature Event

The Southern California Invitational Drill Meet (SCIDM) is Detachment 060’s signature event. In its 52nd year, SCIDM is the largest invitational drill meet west of the Mississippi river, boasting attendance of more than 30 teams and over 1,000 junior and senior ROTC cadets from across the nation each and every year. The event garners positive publicity for the detachment and the Air Force.

Our Future

A commitment to excellence coupled with the relentless motivation to garner a third “Right of Line” distinction is fueling the improvement of Detachment 060. The goal of producing quality officers for the USAF will continue to be the hallmark for a detachment that is continuing to prove that integrity, service, and excellence are more than a slogan – they are our core values.